Viega Megapress S XL

Megapress from Viega ushered in the era of thick-walled steel pipe pressing for the sizes ⅜ to 2 inches. The Megapress S XL range with the innovative Pressgun press booster means thatthe scope of application for cold press connecting technology now includes the sizes 2½, 3 and 4 inches for steel pipes.

The advantages of Megapress XL

  • Megapress S XL for steel pipe sizes 2½, 3 and 4 inches
  • up to 80% less assembly time compared with welding (in respect of the connection technology)
  • FKM sealing element for operating temperatures to 140 °C
  • Viega SC-Contur in all Megapress XL connectors, so that inadvertently unpressed connections show immediately in leakage tests
  • can be used for seamless, welded, black, galvanised, epoxy-resin-coated and industrially painted pipes according to DIN EN 10255 / DIN EN 10216-1 and DIN EN 10217-1
  • absolutely fire-safe, because neither flames nor fumes arise with cold press connecting technology
  • perfectly suited for use in industrial facilities such as cooling, heating, sprinkler or compressed air systems

The advantages of the Pressgun Press Booster

  • innovative force amplifier for Megapress XL-sizes 2½, 3 and 4 inches with integrated hinged adapter jaw
  • optimally dosed pressing force for maximum safety
  • low weight and a handy carrying strap make for good ergonomics and easy handling
  • can be used for all Viega press machines from type 2 to Pressgun 5 (not compatible with Pressgun Picco)
  • special spherical heads on the hinged adapter jaw ensure that there can be no confusion with other Viega press rings
  • long service interval thanks to Viega’s typical reliability and quality

Safer, more economical and no welding – now for large dimensions as well.

Viega Megapress S XL

Viega Megapress & Press-In Branch Connector