Viega Megapress S XL

Megapress is the number 1 press technology for thick or thin-walled, painted or galvanised, coated or black steel pipes. Megapress is avalable for pressing steel pipes from sizes ⅜ to 2 inches. The Megapress S XL range with the innovative Pressgun press booster means that the scope of application for cold press connecting technology now includes the sizes 2½, 3 and 4 inches for steel pipes.

The advantages of Megapress XL

  • Megapress S XL for steel pipe sizes 2½, 3 and 4 inches
  • up to 80% less assembly time compared with welding (in respect of the connection technology)
  • FKM sealing element for operating temperatures to 140 °C
  • Viega SC-Contur in all Megapress XL connectors, so that inadvertently unpressed connections show immediately in leakage tests
  • can be used for seamless, welded, black, galvanised, epoxy-resin-coated and industrially painted pipes according to DIN EN 10255 / DIN EN 10216-1 and DIN EN 10217-1
  • absolutely fire-safe, because neither flames nor fumes arise with cold press connecting technology
  • perfectly suited for use in industrial facilities such as cooling, heating, sprinkler or compressed air systems

An economic advantage

Viega Megapress has clear advantages over common connection methods for thick-walled steel pipes. Especially when it comes to welding, cold press technology is far superior. Although welding is a proven method still today, it always involveds high time expenditure, permanent fire risk and strenuous physical effort. When downtime is costly, can you afford to take these risks? Cold press technology makes Viega Megapress simply faster, safer and more efficient. Viega press tools also make sure that the connections are durable and safe. On other manufacturer can offer the quality or breadth of product range that we can. This is why Viega is the world's number 1 press technology manufacturer.