Viega Sanpress – quality and cost effectiveness for drinking water installations

  • Use

    Quality and cost effectiveness for drinking water installations.

  • Viega SC-Contur

    Double pressing is one of the most significant safety improvements in press connection technology.  It makes it easy to detect inadvertently unpressed connections.

  • Product range

    An extensive product range with numerous parts and components for hygienic installations.

  • Material

    Viega press connectors made of gunmetal or silicon bronze combined with non-corroding stainless steel pipes such as the Sanpress 1.4401 and 1.4521 pipes offer maximum safety and versatility. In mixed installations, they provide the ideal combination of cost effectiveness and hygiene, as the press connectors can, of course, be combined perfectly with other materials, such as copper or plastic.

Pressing operations to meet the highest demands

At Viega, we refuse to compromise when it comes to drinking water hygiene. Whether required for residential buildings or industrial settings – Viega Sanpress offers the right solution for any installation thanks to its wide range of products. Viega Sanpress meets the stringent requirements of the Kiwa regulation (KUKreg4) in full. Because of the high-quality materials used for the press connectors – namely gunmetal or silicon bronze – hygienic drinking water is guaranteed at every draw-off point.

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