Viega Megapress G – connect gas supply lines quickly and safely

  • Colour-coded marking

    Megapress G is suitable for gas installations. To guarantee safe handling in everyday use, each press connector has a clearly recognisable yellow marking, which reliably prevents confusion with components from other systems.

  • Clear recognition

    The Viega logo stands for quality and for the original technology in the field of thick-walled press connector systems. 

  • Use

    Thick-walled steel pipes are the first choice for industrial gas installations. The system is suitable not only for gas and liquid gas, but also for media such as heating oil, diesel fuels and hydrogen (H2).

  • Viega SC-Contur

    The Viega SC-Contur is one of the most significant safety improvements in press connection technology. This feature makes it easy for the specialist tradesman to detect inadvertently unpressed connections.

  • Product range

    Viega Megapress G covers a broad installation spectrum with a large number of components such as elbows, sleeves, T-pieces, flanges, adapters and screw fittings in dimensions from ½ an inch to 2 inches.

Say goodbye to welding work in gas installations

Safety is the top priority for gas installations and it is for this reason that they are constructed from thick-walled steel pipes nowadays, particularly in industrial environments. With Viega Megapress G, the connections can also be cold-pressed. The products in this range are not just reliable; they are also a really safe and economical choice, with the cold press connection technology eliminating all the disadvantages associated with welding thick-walled steel pipes.

The press connectors are made from tubular 1.0308 steel with an external zinc-nickel coating. A combination that has proven itself in gas installations time and time again. A special feature of the products is the HNBR profile sealing element, which makes them suitable for use in heating oil and diesel fuel systems as well as gas installations. This element encloses the pipe at three points at the same time, ensuring that the connection is absolutely leakproof even in the case of rough surfaces. 

  • Three reasons for using Megapress G for gas installations
    • Suitable for natural and liquid gas according to DVGW Worksheet G 260, for heating oil and diesel fuel systems, and for hydrogen (H2)
    • Economical because the assembly time is up to 60 % shorter (when measured in terms of the connection technology) compared to welding
    • High degree of safety because the Viega SC-Contur feature with “leaky when unpressed” functionality is incorporated into every press connection
Table Megapress G