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Viega. Connected in quality.

Our ambition is to exceed ourselves – each and every day. By looking for regular dialogue with our customers. By developing better products and service features. And by leading our company into the future without ever losing sight of appreciation of our heritage.

In everything we do we are connected in quality. This is not something new, but has been our leitmotif since the company was founded 125 years ago with the vision to revolutionise installation technology. With over  5,000 employees worldwide, we have progressed to become a world market leader – while remaining a family-owned company that sets its own standards. This is how we ensure quality ‘made in Germany’ and products of the highest grade, worldwide. 

Viega in the UK

Viega was first introduced to the UK over 15 years ago, while Viega Ltd was formally set up in 2014 to better serve the UK construction market and offer a more complete suite of products. Since then Viega has grown year-on-year and has been a steadfast advocate for the renowned global Viega brand ever since.  

In 2022, the launch of the Viega UK office in Gloucestershire marked a significant milestone. Since then, our team has grown, reinforcing our commitment to delivering superior solutions and services. Evolving in response to market demands, we continually expand our product portfolio with advancements such as Profipress, Megapress, Sanpress Inox, Viega Smartpress and Prevista to name but a few.

The Viega UK Seminar Centre, situated in Tewkesbury Business Park, has become a knowledge hub, hosting valued client visits and training sessions.

It is really important for us to support our customers in their daily work. We coordinate materials, technology and comfort, take time for quality management and invest in research and development. The result is a perfectly tuned system providing over 17,000 products – available whenever our customers need them. As a global market leader, we are also committed to sharing our know-how with our customers all around the world.

Because we are convinced:

Quality is everything. Without quality, everything means nothing.