Press connection technology by Viega

Pressing pipes with press connector systems from Viega

Connections for reliability, convenience and hygiene

Welcome to the world of Viega – where innovation meets precision. Our vision is to shape the future of building technology by putting perfection into every connection. Our press connector systems are more than just products, combining safety, drinking water hygiene and energy efficiency with unrivalled convenience. We are setting new standards with our pressing technology, which creates robust, efficient and seamless connections in seconds without any need for conventional soldering or welding.

The advantages of Viega at a glance

Time savings

Using the pressing technique to connect piping reduces installation time significantly. Much less effort is required compared to conventional methods such as welding or soldering and it can even be used in hard-to-reach areas. The system elements can be joined together in less than 20 seconds, reducing assembly time by up to 80 %.


With our stringent quality standards, high-quality materials and continuous innovations, we ensure reliable press connections. The Viega SC-Contur feature makes any inadvertently unpressed connections clearly visible. It is included in all press connectors and enables a centralised leakage test to be performed. 

Cost efficiency

The perfect symbiosis of quality and economic efficiency. Viega press connection technology is the effective way to save time and money. Not only does it eliminate the special steps associated with processes such as welding or soldering, but the pressing method also makes the system less prone to faults and therefore more durable than the alternatives.


No flames or fumes are generated when pressing pipe connections and the process is absolutely fireproof. This reduces the risks posed by flying sparks or human error – a major advantage, especially in sensitive or hard-to-reach environments. It also minimises the need for special health and safety measures and permits.