Type AG air gap for WC cisterns

Viega’s Prevista range of pre-wall frames and concealed cisterns now has built in blue water backflow prevention as standard, having obtained both WRAS approval and KIWA certification this will enable both installers and specifiers to ensure that their schemes are compliant with the current Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and Water Supply (Water Fittings) (Scotland) Byelaws.

Following concerns raised by several water companies in 2018 regarding contaminated water re-entering the mains supply, WRAS introduced measures to end this potentially dangerous situation, recommending the addition of an air gap to prevent the risk of backflow of blue water.

Viega is an innovative forerunner in the market and has incorporated Type AG air gap technology into its Prevista range of pre-wall and concealed flushing systems; a key part of creating WC systems that meet Type AUK 1, WRAS‘ fail-safe approach to backflow prevention.

The Solution - Backflow Prevention

Type AG filling valves provide non-mechanical backflow prevention, creating a physical air break between the lowest level of water discharge from an inlet valve and the critical water level within a cistern.

When combined with other required performance specifications – including the spill-over level of the WC pan and size and shape of the overflow pipe – WC systems can meet WRAS‘ Type AUK 1 (air gap with interposed cistern) approval.

Products on the market without the required Type AG air gap will not meet the UK Water Regulations and cannot be specified or installed

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