Viega Sanpress Inox – durable quality and high flexibility

  • Use

    Whenever the highest hygiene standards are required in drinking water installations, stainless steel piping systems are the only way to go.

  • Viega SC-Contur

    Double pressing is one of the most significant safety improvements in press connection technology.  It makes it easy to detect inadvertently unpressed connections.

  • Product range

    Elbows and crossovers, T-pieces and adapters, couplings, screw fittings and fitting connections: With its extensive and practical product range, Sanpress Inox provides the answer to almost any challenge when installing drinking water systems.

  • Material

    Owing to their quality and the 1.4401 and 1.4521 materials used, all Sanpress Inox parts and components can be used for drinking water supply systems even under the most stringent conditions. 

When maximum hygiene is required

In hygienically sensitive areas such as hospitals or food processing factories, stainless steel press connector systems are always the best choice. Viega Sanpress Inox is a complete stainless steel system comprising press connectors and piping of the highest quality. The extensive range of parts and components enables you to create installations for drinking water and industrial applications that incorporate long-term safety, from the riser pipe to the final draw-off point. This makes Viega Sanpress Inox the answer to virtually any challenge when installing drinking water systems. 

Table Sanpress Inox