Viega Smartpress – efficient installations with superior hygiene

  • Use

    To accommodate all structural conditions and desired connection variants, Viega Smartpress offers a complete range of connectors for drinking water and heating installations. 

  • Viega SC-Contur

    The Viega SC-Contur is one of the most significant safety improvements in press connection technology. It makes it easy to detect inadvertently unpressed connections.

  • No sealing elements

    A connection without any sealing element is more secure. There is no O-ring to damage. The absence of a sealing element also minimises the reduction in cross-section in the connection.

  • Low zeta values

    Flow-optimised press connectors with low zeta values for minimal pressure loss, improved drinking water hygiene and reduced ejection times.

  • Material

    The complete system consists of flexible multi-layer pipe with matching metal press connectors made of stainless steel and gunmetal.

  • Quick assembly

    Only three steps are necessary: cut the pipe to length, fit the connector, press it into place – job done. No need for time-consuming calibration.

The flow-optimised system – without an O-ring

Viega Smartpress is setting new standards in flexible floor installation. Viega Smartpress press connectors use tried-and-tested, durable materials such as stainless steel and gunmetal, and do their job without the need for O-rings. The result? Low pressure losses, smaller pipe dimensions and no more time-consuming calibration. Viega Smartpress is a product of the highest quality that combines dimensional stability with flexibility. It has optimum flow properties with low zeta values and enables quick, safe and convenient installation. Immerse yourself in the future of multi-layer pipe installation with Viega Smartpress.