BIM - Building Information Modeling

Viega promotes the future of building

The future of building is digital: Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a planning tool that spans different trade sectors within a virtual building model. This makes for improved economic viability and process reliability up to and including the operational phase. Viega provides the required BIM data free of charge.

These days, the integrated planning of building services engineering without proper planning software is unthinkable. And this trend is accelerating through the use of digital building models in the BIM process. A precondition for this is the availability of suitably prepared product data.

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Fit for the future: Digital product data from Viega
On the one hand, Viega provides such data according to VDI 3805. This series of regulations prescribes a standard for storing all technical, commercial and geometrical product data. Viega product data according to VDI 3805 are configured in such a way that they will be compliant with future BIM standards as laid down in ISO 16757. ISO 16757 will serve to internationalise the standards established by VDI 3805 under the title ‘Data structures for electronic product catalogues for building services’.

On the other hand, Viega is also providing native parametric Autodesk Revit data for BIM-based planning. This body of data also includes the product information relevant and needed for planning and tendering.

BIM data always up to date
The data are managed centrally and therefore always up to date. This means that specialist planners and trade professionals can rely on being able to use the latest product data.