Viega Geopress K systems – pressing underground PE piping

  • Window

    Insertion depth can be checked through the window before pressing.

  • Material

    Specially developed fibre-glass reinforced plastic, corrosion-proof, resistant and robust. 

  • Clamping rings

    Different coloured clamping rings prevent confusion and also enable the press connections to be identified.

  • Viega SC-Contur

    The SC-Contur built into all press connectors makes it easy for you to recognise accidentally unpressed connections during a leak test.

Created for the energy supply of tomorrow

Optimise the connection of underground supply lines with Geopress K and Geopress K gas. The new press connector systems from Viega impress with their enormous stability obtained from fibre-glass reinforced plastic and their efficient press connection technology reduces the workload on construction sites. Developed specifically for use underground, the Geopress K systems with internal sealing can be used to connect supply lines for drinking water, geothermal energy, gas and the energy source of tomorrow: hydrogen.

  • 3 reasons for supply lines with Geopress K
    and Geopress K gas
    • Time savings: the connection with internal sealing eliminates the need for time-consuming preparatory work on pipelines, it allows work to be carried out regardless of the weather and it can be ready to withstand a full load within just a few seconds.
    • Stability: the connector body is made from high-strength fibre-glass reinforced plastic and can withstand high loads underground.
    • Suitable for universal use: Geopress K systems are suitable for securely connecting a wide range of PE pipe types in SDR class 11 (PE-80, PE-100, PE-100 RC, PE-X).