Viega awarded Wates Innovation Partner Status

Viega has been awarded Wates Approved Innovation Partner status for its Megapress press connection technology, thanks to the numerous performance benefits it offers – and is the only piping manufacturer to have achieved this prestigious accolade.


The first initiative of its kind, the Wates Innovation Network (WIN) portal is an intelligent and interactive marketplace for advanced technologies, created by the Wates Group to help businesses ‘build back better’. By connecting companies and suppliers directly, it aims to create a network of innovative providers that can accelerate the transition to net zero, by showcasing smarter solutions for building design and construction.


As an Approved Innovation Partner, Viega will feature on the WIN portal alongside 41 other suppliers approved by a screening panel including 40 environmental experts. Users can filter sustainable innovations based on their requirements to find the product and supplier most suitable for them.


In order to achieve Approved Product status, Viega’s Megapress technology underwent a vigorous approval process, which included pitching the solution’s benefits to a panel of Wates ‘Green Judges’. The scoring criteria focused on reliability, credibility, compliance, return on investment, impact on building users, scalability, savings and maintenance, with Megapress performing well across all of the key metrics.


Viega’s Megapress press connection technology has been specifically designed to connect thick-walled steel pipes, in diameters of 3/8 to 4 inches. Cold press technology holds a number of sustainable and practical advantages over comparable hot works methods, such as welding.


For example, welding and other hot works methods pose a number of health and safety concerns to the installer, building users, and owners. As it involves an open flame, there is the constant risk of injury, while the fumes released in the process can lead to significant health repercussions with prolonged exposure.


Furthermore, in addition to the safety concerns, hot works can have a potentially negative impact on the environment. Due to the nature of using an open flame, the risk of fire is greatly increased, which can release significant amounts of chemicals, fumes, carbon and other contaminants.


Another key advantage of Megapress, is the speed and reliability of installation that it offers. When compared with welding, installations that use Megapress technology can be completed up to 80% faster, resulting in significant financial savings.


Speaking on the achievement is Scott James, Managing Director at Viega Ltd: “We are delighted to be a part of the Wates Innovation Network and are pleased that we have been able to cement a strong working relationship with Wates.


“Thanks to the partnership network, we have been presented with a fantastic opportunity to showcase our Megapress technology, and its exceptional performance properties, to a much wider audience.”


Dr Zainab Dangana, Head of Sustainable Developments at the Wates Group, also commented: “With the market for sustainable solutions growing fast, companies who do not invest in environmentally conscious technologies will soon not be able to compete. The WIN portal is bridging that gap, showcasing innovation and helping businesses to meet bold environmental targets.


“Megapress scored very well across the board and demonstrated clear advantages over other methods of connecting thick-walled steel pipes. As such, it was an easy decision to award it Approved Product status.”


To find out more about Viega Megapress, and the Wates Innovation Network, please visit the WIN portal here: