West End Gate, Berkeley St Edwards


A high-quality installation of pipework for heating and drinking water, absolutely free of contaminants, quick to install and guaranteed to perform over the long term. These were the priorities for the developer of the prestigious West End Gate development in London, leading to the specification of the Profipress system from Viega throughout.

The development is a collection of apartments, stunning penthouses, commercial units, and leisure facilities situated in the prestigious neighbourhood of Marylebone and Little Venice. 

Berkeley St Edwards were taking no risks with water hygiene, looking for a piping system which would guarantee clean water to the different heights of the towers. Given the prestige of the development, the system had to be faultless, future proof and guaranteed to last. 

Specifying a high-quality solution

Kevin Guiry, Senior MEP Manager for Berkeley St Edwards, explained the rationale for specifying the Profipress solution. “Quality was our top priority, both in terms of the water system and the products used. With all the heating and chilled distribution pipework running in a closed system, we needed a solution to guarantee clean and safe water without contamination. The copper Profipress system delivers this alongside real on-site benefits.” 

Berkeley St Edwards has made a considered effort to move to press connections over soldering methods for pipework. Particularly in domestic projects, the benefit of cold press means contaminants from soldering are reduced and so systems produce a quicker turnaround for test results from flushing. On top of the speed advantages of cold press, the additional benefit of risk reduction through removal of hot works helps increase safety for those installing on site.

“Viega was specified in the first phase block, and it was fantastic. As such, we approved the spec for the next phase as per the previous block. The contractor who received the contract used their same core operatives which resulted in a consistent, clean installation.” Kevin summarised.

Working with Viega quality

Craig Yardy, Fit-Out Manager at Vital Energi, oversaw the installation of the system and mirrored the sentiment from Kevin. “Three to four years ago we mainly used soldering, but we’ve shifted to press connections systems. With soldering, you get flux and contaminants in the pipe, so you must flush the system. With press, it’s a far cleaner system.”

On working with the Viega Profipress system Craig commented: “we had used the copper system on previous projects which were good installations, and it has been the same on-site here. Generally, the high-level fitting has been easy, the challenge has been where pipework in the walls runs into mixers. This means tight spaces for the installer to work the pipes and makes it difficult to press the joints. Viega press tools come with an angled jaw giving us the flexibility to get into those hard-to-reach places.”

Providing ongoing support and training 

One of the benefits of choosing the Viega specification is the on-site training offered for the installation teams. This will ensure that the systems are installed correctly and effectively, using the recommended tools and techniques. Not only does this process maximise speed of installation, it also allows Viega to issue its full warranty.

“The support from Viega started with demonstration days at the very beginning of the project. Throughout the first block installation they visited multiple times to check on the installation, offering support and guidance” Kevin noted. 

“We plan to continue using Viega for the remaining phases of the development. The Viega quality and future guarantees are what made the initial investment worth it in the long run. I’m a big believer in quality and with this system we’re getting the best quality fittings for this premium development. We didn’t want to risk any further maintenance or damage and the Viega Profipress system achieves this.”

Due to be completed in 2025, the first four tower blocks have been completed. Ranging from 10 to 30 storeys in height, the development offers unparalleled views of the surrounding area, commanding high-quality finishes to the apartments inside and out.

Object West End Gate, Berkeley St Edwards
Place London, Great Britain
Object type Drinking water installation
Area of use Residential