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WC flush plate for Prevista

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infrared flush actuation
  • for all Prevista concealed cisterns
  • only in connection with Accessory set Model 8655.11
  • touchless infrared flush actuation from front, dual flush technology, with Viega Hygiene function, screwable


fixing frame, actuating rod set, fixing bolt

Technical data

Partial flush volume factory setting approx. 3 l
Full flush volume factory setting approx. 6 l


Electronic accessory set has to be ordered separately.
Note regarding Viega Hygiene function: to support the intended operation after a user detection, different hygiene time intervals and hygiene flush volumes can be set. Programmable time intervals: 1 h, 12 h, 24 h, 72 h, 168 h. Programmable flush volumes: 3 l, 7.5 l.

Model 8635.1

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Instructions for use

Articles table

cover plate PU Article amount
brushed stainless steel 1 774 370
stainless steel polished white 1 774 387

Warehouse labels - labels and cardboard

cover plate warehouse labels (box) warehouse labels (adhesive label) Article
brushed stainless steel 774 370
stainless steel polished white 774 387

CAD files

  • Left mouse to rotate
  • Right mouse to move
  • Mouse wheel to zoom
  • One finger touch to rotate
  • Two finger touch to move
  • Pinch to zoom

(Please select)

cover plate file size Article
brushed stainless steel 931.7 kB 774 370
stainless steel polished white 877.0 kB 774 387


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