Unique interior design ideas: Plenty of space and air in a loft above Düsseldorf, Germany. Including a bathtub close to the sleeping area.

Exceptional interior design ideas, even down to the bath fittings 

The great Greek philosophers of ancient times believed the universe was made up of four primary elements: Fire, water, earth and air. Whilst the world has since been shown to be far more complex, in the microcosm of one's own home, these elements can be combined to create stunning interior designs. A great example of this can be found in a loft in the Rhine metropolis of Düsseldorf, Germany. The idea came from the Zurbrügg brothers whose premium interior designs are based on the notion that "simply living is yesterday...".

Bathing as part of the living concept

In the loft in Düsseldorf, several stories above the ground, the residents enjoy plenty of living space and air. Here in the sleeping area, the senses can relax and unwind in a cleverly integrated bath. The bathtub directly next to the bed is far from a conventional "wet area" but rather an integral part of the living concept.

Water as it should be

It is only obvious that in such an environment particular attention is also paid to the bathtub fitting. The design and function here made the Multiplex Trio E the clear choice: This model offers striking functionality yet cannot be recognised as a fitting at first sight; thanks to the integrated electronics, the filling level of the tub and the exact temperature can be preset. These settings can then be saved to suit personal preferences. Gentle, silent and yet rapid, the water flows unseen into the bathtub from below and stops automatically when the preset level has been reached. The Rotaplex F fitting has been integrated in the bottom of the tub to ensure this perfect synergy. The water then also drains away via this solution. 

Object Loft
Place Düsseldorf, Germany
Year 2011
Object type New building
Area of use Residential
Architect Zurbrügg Immobilien AG, Toffen (CH)
Planning Ortwin Schröder GmbH, Düsseldorf
Installation Ortwin Schröder GmbH, Düsseldorf