Hotel Principe Forte dei Marmi

The bathrooms in the spacious rooms and suites of the hotel are divided from the night time and living spaces by means of large glass partitions, which can be covered using curtains.

Viega flush plates: Convincing in function and design

Hotel Principe in Forte dei Marmi, Italy, is an exclusive 5 star residence. It welcomes its guests in a secluded and sophisticated atmosphere, where each detail of the rooms and services is thoroughly planned. By no means least, this includes the bathrooms in each room and suite as well as in the restaurant and the spa which feature Visign for More flush plates from Viega.

For guests, rooms and suites become a home from home, where comfort and functionality are combined with quality and design. In this light, the bathrooms, where comfort, ease of use and hygiene are essential, feature Visign for More 104 flush plates from Viega. Besides aesthetic qualities, they offer maximum reliability and modern technology.

Visign for More 104

Indeed, thanks to the use of the Bowden wire, activating the flush is soft and relatively noise-free, requiring only gentle pressure to start flushing. In addition, with Visign for More 104 flush plates, the thin rocker switch technology makes it possible to select whether to activate a total flush or a partial flush in order to save water.

Ease of use is accompanied by the refined and minimalist aesthetics of the Visign for More 104 flush plates, in line with the exclusivity of the rooms in Hotel Principe. They fit perfectly into the bathrooms where glass walls, elegant taps and suspended WCs offer elegance, extreme comfort and a pleasant environment. 

Object Hotel Principe Forte dei Marmi
Place Forte dei Marmi (LU), Italy
Year 2010
Object type New building
Area of use Hotels