Expedition cruise ship Crystal Endeavor

Crystal Endeavor

Werft Stralsund, Germany

Since the founding of the shipyard at Stralsund, Germany in 1948, generations of shipbuilders have demonstrated their expertise on hundreds of maritime construction projects. From fishing trawlers and ferries to cable-laying vessels and cruise ships, this world-famous MV WERFTEN shipyard is known for its high-tech production facilities and superior workmanship.

One of the world's largest Polar Class yachts, the PC6-designated Crystal Endeavor is the latest vessel to leave the shipyard’s outfitting quay. Part of Crystal Expedition Cruises’ fleet of luxury liners, the 20,200-GRT, 200-berth behemoth is the most spacious and luxurious ship in the expedition market.

Ensuring guests and crew travelling to some of the world’s most remote areas have access to consistently high-quality water is Viega’s revolutionary Raxofix system. Installed in the distribution lines and cabin connections, the pressure-loss optimised plastic piping system uses a unique raxial press connecting technology for hot and cold drinking water.

“Raxial” pressing technology

Viega's Raxofix press connectors in combination with jaws are designed to axially slide the sleeve and radially compress it simultaneously. Just one step produces completely secure, homogenous pressing suitable for multilayer pipes.

Simple, speedy installation is a particular strength of the Raxofix system. Just three steps results in durable, no-twist connections: cutting the pipe, installing the connector and checking the shelf, raxial pressing – it’s that easy. Unlike other systems, there is no requirement to calibrate, chamfer or enlarge pipes. This enables time savings of up to 30%.

Viega provides the lifelines of tomorrow with this exclusive expedition cruise ship in the eternal ice as well as in the sunny South Seas.

Object MV WERFTEN cruise ship Crystal Endeavor
Place Stralsund, Germany
Year 2021
Area of use Industry
Installation MV Werften
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