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Soldered fittings


Fittings made of silicon bronze in acc. with DVGW worksheet GW 6 and fittings made of copper in acc. with DVGW worksheet GW 8 for copper pipes in acc. with DVGW worksheet GW 392.


  • BHKS and ZVSHK liability transfer agreements for copper and silicon bronze fittings as well as wall lead-​ins made of silicon bronze
  • Fittings made of copper in acc. with DVGW-​AB GW 8, DVGW-​Reg.-No. DV-7411AO2955, quality seal RAL‑RG 641/4
  • Fittings made of silicon bronze in acc. with DVGW-​AB GW 6, DVGW-​Reg.-No. DV-7401AO2956

Elbow model 95090 and model 95092 do not conform to DVGW worksheet GW 8 and are not approved for use in gas and drinking water installations!

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    DVGW test mark
    Quality seal RAL‑RG 641/4

    Soldered fittings

    = Quality seal for d 12‑54

    Official quality seal

    Soldered fittings

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