Hotel Schwarzenstein

Elegance and warmth distinguish the Hotel Schwarzenstein in South Tyrol, Italy – not just in terms of its exterior appearance and the reception hall. The hotel offers high levels of service, relaxation and wellness.

Modern comfort with Viega pre-wall and drainage technology  

Located in the heart of the Vedrette Ries Nature Park in Alto Adige, Italy, Hotel Schwarzenstein is an elegant hotel that combines traditional South Tyrol hospitality with modern comfort. Its hospitality is enhanced by the new wellness area, one of the largest in Alto Adige.

Various solutions for sanitary services

Viega Eco Plus and Viega Mono Tec WC and bidet pre-wall modules have been applied in the bathrooms of the wellness area and the guest rooms. WC flushing is activated by using white Visign for Style 10 flush plates, which, thanks to the different sized round buttons, makes it possible to select between two flush volumes.

The Visign for More 100 flush plates for the urinals are fitted with infrared sensors. This way, contact with the plate is avoided, thus promoting maximum hygiene. The stainless steel finishing and the safety glass, behind which the sensor is located, visually express the concept of functionality and hygiene.

For the showers, Viega Advantix drains have been chosen, which, by means of flow optimisation and structural dimensions, guarantee a high drainage capacity despite the reduced structural height. In the case of depression of the pipe system, there is always a sufficient quantity of water in the trap to protect against unpleasant odours – even if there is reduced height flooring which allows a sealing water height of just 35 mm. 

Object Hotel Schwarzenstein
Place Lutago, Italy
Year 2014
Object type New building
Area of use Hotels
Installation Schmidhammer GmbH Bruneck