Pressgun 6 Plus: Sets new standards for pressing in every dimension

Smart, more flexible and more convenient: the new Viega Pressgun 6 Plus sets completely new standards within its category. Thanks to intelligent detailed solutions, this is the new benchmark among press machines.

  • For metal press connector systems in the dimensions 12 to 108 mm, for Megapress steel pipe connectors ⅜ inch to 2 inch, up to 4 inch with Pressgun Press Booster, for plastic piping systems from 12 to 63 mm
  • Smart connectivity via Bluetooth®, adjustable usage lock and operation mode via Viega Tool Services app
  • Pressing force 32 kN, pressing time approx. 4 sec., weight approx. 3.2 kg
  • Infinitely rotatable press jaw fixture
  • Up to 35 % more pressings thanks to new battery technology and optimised, more efficient components (motor, mechanical parts and hydraulic parts)
  • Two LED lamps ensure optimised illumination of the pressing point
  • Servicing interval 40,000 pressings/4 years, automatic safety shutdown after 42,000 pressings
  • Built-in attachment points for carrying strap or balancer

Compact form, optimised handling

The Pressgun 6 Plus is six centimetres shorter and around 100 grams lighter than the Pressgun 5.  That's not all: the centre of gravity is now located over the wrist, making it more ergonomic than ever. 

This makes work even easier - and not just when pressing large pipe dimensions.

Viega Tool Service - app

Via Bluetooth® technology - the Viega Tool Services app - the new Pressgun Picco 6 Plus can be intelligently connected to a smartphone. Various options for user security and operation can be set. Information about the operating status can be requested at any time, so that you are always informed. This optimizes the organization and work processes on the construction site: ingenious, smart and safe.

User security

  • Tool can be locked and unlocked via the Viega Tool Services app
  • Improved safety, profitability and sustainability
  • Reduction of the risk of loss: theft becomes pointless

Operating status

  • Battery charge level
  • Number of pressings performed
  • Pressings remaining until next service interval
  • Diagnostics (e.g safe engagement of the jaw locking pin)
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