Viega Mono


Viega Mono

Pre-​wall blocks for individual pre-​wall solutions for bricking-​in around, in single or line mounting.

Viega WC / Bidet-​Mono-​Block

  • Standard block height: 1130 mm– can be shortened to 980 mm
  • Ready-​to-​connect, pre-​mounted
  • Robust casing made of EPS as plaster foundation– the brick-​lining of the internal area is no longer necessary
  • Integrated wall pockets– for secure bonding with the masonry
  • Depth-​adjustable
  • Line mounting with mounting rail possible
  • Acoustically de-​coupled for Viega wall plates

Noise protection requirements
Tested in acc. with DIN 4109 by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, Stuttgart.
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Viega Mono